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Our first beach excursion in the Berry Islands in the Bahamas.  Someone was happy to run and explore on the beach.

The Ruff Seas Story

Sailing into Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Piper was making sure the cameraman stayed clear of Windbird.
There are undoubtedly better places than the tiny 3'x3' galley of an oceangoing sailboat to dream up a dog treat baking business - but necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. When math teacher Dawn Weigel quit her job, sold her house, and took off for the Caribbean aboard her Tayana 42, Windbird, she packed her sense of adventure - but forgot to bring enough treats for her lovable boat dog, Piper! Dawn quickly discovered that dog treats are a rare commodity in the islands. No matter; she started experimenting with baking her own treats on board Windbird and, over
Piper keeping a watch on activity while at anchor.  He loved spending time on the deck of Windbird.
Fresh-baked treats we shared with other boat dogs at the marina.  Dawn tested different recipes while living on Windbird.
time, developed a number of recipes that utilized locally available ingredients to create fresh, healthy biscuits that a wide variety of dogs couldn't get enough of (to say nothing of their humans!). The Ruff Seas dream was born in the Caribbean, but it wasn't until the Weigels sold their beloved Windbird and moved back to the Pacific Northwest that Dawn knew the time was right to share her biscuits with the world. Today Ruff Seas Treats are baked with love in Dawn's (much larger) home galley - solidly anchored to land between Puget Sound and the Hood Canal on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula!
Dawn at Windbird's helm enjoying a beautiful beam-reach sail.
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