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Piper the Sailor Dog on Conception Island in the Bahamas

tasty treats
for good
buoys & gulls

Piper enjoying the sunset from our sailboat in Long Island Sound, NY

delicious • Natural • sustainable

From the Caribbean to the Pacific Northwest,

an idea born of adventure on the high seas.

An adventurous young couple taking a sabbatical to cruise the Caribbean. A rambunctious, treat-loving boat dog named Piper. A globetrotting 42-foot sailboat called Windbird. These are the ingredients that formed the idea that became Ruff Seas Treats.

While cruising the islands, Dawn Weigel found healthy dog treats in short supply, and began baking her own in Windbird's tiny galley. She developed simple recipes using fresh, natural ingredients, and found that her treats appealed to a wide variety of pooches, from salty sailor dogs on fellow cruisers' boats to the local "potcakes" that Piper played with on the beaches. After returning to land in Washington State, Dawn perfected four of her most popular biscuits, and Ruff Seas Treats was born.

Our biscuits are naturally delicious, with no added colors, flavors, or preservatives. Your dog will love our four savory flavors, and you'll appreciate our environmentally responsible packaging and shipping materials. Try Ruff Seas Treats today - satisfaction guaranteed!

Piper's playing fetch and earning homemade dog treats with a bunch of cruiser pups at Hog Island in Grenada.


Hiking at Saint Eustatia (Dutch Island in the Caribbean) and checking out the harbor below.

Where dem
treats at!?

Come & get 'em at regional craft fairs & farmers markets in season.

Two paws up!

Photos & reviews from our favorite pooches and their occasionally tolerable humans.
Dawn made fresh-baked dog treats for Piper, Scout, and Maverick.  Look how well-behaved they are.

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Enjoying a beautiful spring day in the Pacific Northwest.  Hiking is Piper's favorite activity.

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